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LogiTrucks - A Truck Booking App UI
Logitrucks UI/UX provides complete design for the transportation scenarios, a neat interaction screens between the customer and transporter which greatly aligned to the logical flow of the transportation business,if developed using this UI/UX it becomes a complete transportation mobile application solution which can run in both the Android and IOS platforms.
Sailent Features of LogiTrucks UI which can lift the business opportunity dramitically

Sign In

Allows a member(Transporter & Customer) register in to app through a valid phone number

Sign Up

Members can sign up and access the Interface


Members can manage their passwords and messages


List of trucks owned by the transporter


List of trips planned by the transporter

Transporter Dashboard

Summary view of trips,payment,etc.,


Receives messages sent by customer


Customer's can manage and view all their booking information


Provides the list of loads transported by the customer


Received messages sent by transporter

Customer Dashboard

summary view of loads send, status,Proof of delivery

Manage Profile

Transporter and Customer can manage their respective personal profile

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